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Franck PRIOU 
DC Pilot Switzerland 

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Route de Saint Cergue 16
Bis CH-1268 BEGNINS 

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  • Switzerland : Basel, Lausanne, Bern, Winterthur, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Lugano, Biel ...

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18 years in international groups (Tekelec / Arrow Group, Kontron / S & T Group, Euroetch) and 12 years in Swiss and French SMEs.
This path allowed me to share the experience gained in large companies in multicultural environment, with SMEs to enable them to conquer new markets and progress in their organization.

...Since 15 years in Switzerland.

As a subsidiary manager and now CEO, I can deal with other Managers in my region, regarding the situations they face. 
There are many challenges because our SMEs, which make up more than 99% of the merchant companies, generate two thirds of the jobs in Switzerland (FSO 2017). 

Our region has tremendous assets to take up the challenges of the digital transition with actors such as the Innosuisse Federal Commission, with whom I had the pleasure of working on innovative projects.


Improve the performance of your company without wage constraints with a controlled budget …

A key word for this: Sharing
Sharing a vision for your development, and values for your organization, because for success to be sustainable it must involve the support of all.

Success belongs to everyone. It's teamwork that deserves the merit.”
Franck Piccard Olympic super-G champion at the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary.

To succeed together and because you are unique, you will find me in the values of listening, adaptability, and also: deontology, excellence and consistency.

…at your own pace !

Because your tomorrow successes are decided today:
We can draw together the most relevant strategy, organization, tools, methods and sales and marketing actions to ensure your success in a sustainable way.

You have only one risk to take: to succeed with the more than 200 customers who have already trusted us.

Join us!

Évaluez la performance commerciale de votre entreprise !

... Et nous vous offrons votre synthèse complète et personnalisée avec nos recommandations!